During cold (winter) days, I always need to force myself to go outside and do something outdoors.

Last weekend, a friend and me decided to do a spontaneous half-day hike in Ysperklamm.

How to get there?

I think the best way to get there is by car. As far as I know there aren't any public transports taking you to Ysperklamm.

From Vienna it's a one hours 45 minutes car ride (see route here which is absolutely fine and fair deal for what you get.


Compared to other hikes in the Austrian mountains, this one is a pretty easy one, as it doesn't take too long (about 1:30min) and you don't need to climb any big mountains (or hills).

The unique and stunnding thing about Ysperklamm are its multiple little waterfalls and its beautiful landscape.

Take a look yourself.





Great for a winter hike & a summer tour

The great thing about Ysperklamm is that it works absolutely great for a winter escape, as well as a summer tour. According to the official website, you can find particular great conditions during March (so better hurry up).


ysperklamm wanderung

There's even more.

If a 4km is not enough for you, I'd recommend to check out the so-called Ysperklamm - Druidenweg which is about 10km and will take about 4 hours.


  • total distance: 4km
  • duration: about 1hour 30minutes
  • Entrance: free.
  • Can you bring your dog? Yes.
  • Do I need tramping boots? Not necessarily. However, I recommend bringing something sporty.

Enjoy the nature. 🏞

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