This is not a review of any wireless headphone out there. This is just my personal opinion on the topic of wireless headphones. And why I really love mine.

The back-story

But first, a little back-story.

With its latest release of the iPhone 7, Apple decided to drop the headphone jack. And it received quite some bad press.

Apple said that it took "courage". The initial reaction from journalists and people on Twitter wasn't that good. People said that it's a pretty bold statement, even for Apple.

And people started to make fun of it.

Months later Apple put the AirPods for sale. And suddenly, people started buying AirPods. And according to reports Apple did a good job as Apple’s AirPods and wireless Beats already take 40% of all recent Bluetooth headphone sales (source).

And although I don't own a pair of AirPods, I'd love to talk about the topic of wireless headphones.

Besides the AirPods there is already a great selection of Bluetooth-/wireless headphones out there. (yes, even before Apple's courage, wireless headphones existed).

The right move into wireless.

You can think what you want about Apple. But did they make the right choice of betting on the future of wireless? Yes - I absolutely believe so.

There are just too many benefits of using wireless headphones. I particularly enjoy them because of the following reasons.

No cables. No cables!

Yes, you got it. Wireless (as the name states) exist without a single cable going from your head to your phone. As someone who was used for years to use cables, I was annoyed all the time. Put your cable earphones just one second in your pocket, and watch what's happening. They get tangled. Every single time.

Even researchers took a closer look into the topic of "why earphones always get tangled in your pocket".


The results showed that two key factors cause complex knots to “form within seconds”: “critical string length” and “agitation time”.

Here's a link the entire paper by Dorian M. Raymer and Douglas E. Smith.

It's easy: No cables mean no tangled cables in your pocket.

No cables. More mobility.

No cables, also mean more freedom. No matter if I used my cable earphones for running or just for my daily commute. No cables simply mean more free movement.

The following three use cases sound simple. But that's the reason why I love my wireless headphones.

  • I can freely move around our office while still enjoying some music.
  • I can show my train tickets (which is on my smartphone) to the ticket collector while still listening to music or podcasts (because my phone is physically not connected with my headphone 💕).
  • I can take phone calls, while my smartphone is used by someone else at the same time (obviously that person should stay in the same room).

Quality between bluetooth-/wireless headphones vary, and you should definitely take some time finding the best wireless headphones for you.

All in all, I just love my wireless headphone and all the benefits of using them.

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