It's still cold here in February. So usually, it's the time of the year where people get cozy in front of their TVs (and computers).

It's pretty challenging for me to give someone a TV series (or movie). However, I try my best (promised!). Let me share my recent series favorites with you.

Abstract: The art of design (Netflix)

This is a rather new documentary from Netflix, giving insights on the life of designers and artists. I just started out with the first episode about the life of Christoph Niemann who's an illustrator for the New Yorker and other outlets.

The man in the high castle 2 (Amazon)

The man in the high castle is a "dystopian alternative history television series". Pretty unique in its kind, I enjoyed watching the first season, and season two was release in December 2016. Although I have to admit that I haven't fallen for season two as much as I did for the first one.

Westworld (HBO)

Westworld is one of the trending TV series right now. It's based on a 1973 movie with the same name. The story takes place in a Western-themed amusement park populated by androids that malfunction and begin killing the human visitors.

StartUp (Amazon)

If you're into startups (and maybe work for one, this is your TV series. It's not so much about the plot of the series, rather the action and thrill.

And if you enjoyed Adam Brody in O.C. California years ago, you probably like him this time too.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger Things is basically a homage to 1980ies movies and series. Released in mid 2016, chances are high that you've already binge-watched this science fiction horror series.

To be honest, I'm not really into sci-fi content that much, but I totally enjoyed Stranger Things. A must-watch.

PS: Season two is coming in October 2017. Until then, I guess we just need to re-watch season one.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

I have a really hard time giving you a description of Black Mirror. One thing for sure, I totally enjoyed it.

Here's how Wikipedia describes it:

Black Mirror is centred around dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

Black Mirror shows us how we (as humans) might end up if technologies goes in the wrong direction. It's dark. And disturbing. And weird. And an absolute must-watch.

Got any recommendations for us? Leave a comment below!