I read a lot.

And since commuting to work, I also listen to a lot of audio books.

As summer holidays are approaching, I decided to share my latest tips on the best books for product marketers.

Books for tech marketers

There are quite a few books out there aimed at marketing folks in tech. And sometimes it's hard to differentiate between a good book and a bad one.

Most of the books I consume come through recommendations from colleagues, friends, and clients.

So if you still look for some great books for your summer vacation, feel free to check out the following ones.

Crossing the Chasm

by Geoffrey A. Moore

crossing the chasm

This has been one of my favorite books I've read. Actually, I re-read it already for the second time, as I find it super-valuable.

I feel that this book is quite under-represented in various book lists.

In Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore gives tech marketers a clear analysis on chasing various buyer personas, depending on the technology adoption life cycle.

Although the concept of the technology adoption life cycle is pretty clear (to me), the book dives deep on what you (as an innovative tech company) need to do in order to cross the chasm between early adopters and the early majority.

screenshot of crossing the chasm (Source: Wikipedia)

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Hooked: How to Build habit forming products

by Nir Eyal

Chances are high that you've already heard about this book. I'd consider this as one of the classic resources in modern B2B / tech marketing. Nir Eyal gives us some great examples of how apps, websites, or digital goods use certain hooks which trigger certain human behaviors.

It's not only a great book for marketers, but for anyone working for software and hardware products.

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Made to Stick

by Chip Heath

made to stick book

This book is not only for marketing people and product managers. It's aimed to anyone who'd like to learn more about communication and how to improve one's.

Made to stick shows us which messaging sticks, and which does not. No matter it's about business ideas, new products or stories. Made to stick is a must-read.

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Other books for marketers

So besides these evergreen marketing books, I'd love to recommend the following ones. Although these are not necessarily marketing books. However, I think they might come in pretty handy to you as well.

What's your favorite tech marketing book?