If you're not from Lower Austria, you've probably never heard about Lunz am See. And that's totally fine.

Yet, Lunz am See is a beautiful little place near the Austrian Alps, especially known for two things.

First, it's a cold place. Every winter, Austrian radio will mention Lunz am See as the coldest place in Austria.

It has been recorded as the coldest place in Central Europe, as a temperature of −52.6 °C (−62.7 °F) was measured here on 19 February 1932. (source: Wikipedia)

Secondly, Lunz is known for its lake. Lunzer See. While it's a particularly beautiful place during summer time, you can take a stroll through winter as well.

And that's exactly what I did last weekend.

lunz am see

lunz am see ausflug

lunz am see tagesausflug

lunz am see wochenende

lunz am see

lunz am see

lunzer see

lunzer see

lunzer see winter

lunz am see winter

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