Apple is more than just a technology company. It's a lifestyle brand, a fitness gadget. It's software and hardware are making our professional and private life easier.

Let's get this straight. I like Apple. I like (most) Apple products of which I own quite a few (some people might say too many). I particularly enjoy my Macbook as the main computer and an iPhone as my main mobile device.

This is why my iPhone is used as an alarm clock. Actually, my real alarm clock was replaced by my first smartphone already many years ago. Ever since the iPhone has been my alarm clock. Usually a pretty basic task for such a smart device.

With its latest updates, Apple also introduced something which is known as bedtime, and it look liked Apple really want to optimize our sleep cycles and make us better at sleeping.

However, there's one thing which struck me. Apple, claiming to care about our sleep, seem to not care about the way alarm clocks work.

alarm clock ios

Please look at the design of the snooze button vs the stop button. The stop button even isn't a real button.

So every single morning, when the alarm goes off, chances are 1:100000 that my sleepy fingers hit the stop button.

Why snoozing is bad.

So although we all love to hit the snooze button and get some additional sleep, it might not be as healthy as we think.

After you hit snooze and drift off, your brain starts its sleep cycle all over again. When the alarm goes off a second time, you're likely at an even deeper, earlier part of your sleep cycle, which results in you feeling even worse than you did the first time.


Basically, our body thinks he gets some good amount of sleep, while the alarm goes off only minutes after we woke up for the first time.

So, please Apple, can you fix this?

PS: If there's a way to change this alarm clock setting, please get in touch 🙏

PPS: Quick update - There's a way to disable the 'Snooze' button overall. Thank you @_patmurray for the tip!