As a kid, I envied other kids who knew what the wanted to do with their lives. On the other hand, I had no ideas on what profession to follow.

To be honest, I started my bachelors in economics because I had no clue in which direction to go. And becoming a manager sounded pretty nice for a teenager like me. I had a lot of interests, but not an idea about which one I should pursue to make a living.

Fast forward to 2014: I finished my masters, and just started to work in a job I really enjoyed and had so much passion about.

And I launched way to passion with a good friend of mine.

With the goal to show case the life of people and their passions.

About a year ago we took the stage and talked about our learnings from interviewing all those incredible people.

waytopassion at Fairversity

One thing that truly struck me was a discussion on why we need to stop giving people advice like 'follow your passion'.

I used to say it too when friends asked me about how they could find their dream job I would say: "Well, just follow your passion".

It's easy.

But here's the thing. When you found something you love doing and others ask you how they can find it too, you just say "Follow your passion" and think it's a great advice.

But really, it's not. Even on the contrary, it puts a lot of pressure on someone. Especially if that person hasn't found her passion yet.

Or what if you have multiple passions. How do you know which one to follow?

Telling someone to "Follow their passion" essentially is just a different way of saying "Well I don't know, it's your problem".


I really enjoyed Tobias van Schneider's article and his recommendation. Instead of telling someone to just follow their passion, you can raise questions like:

What excites you most?

Do something useless.

What excites you most? I'm sure everyone has different thoughts on that. And if you're not too sure about that.

Go out, start doing something. Or as Mathieu Henri put it in a recent talk I watched.

Don't limit yourself to your current passions.

I don't want to give you any advice on what you should do, or should not do. There is no such thing as a singular path in life to follow.

But if there's one thing you take away from this article, I hope you don't limit yourself by your current passions.

PS: In the video below, you can find some further thoughts and ideas by Cal Newport about "finding our passion".

PPS: What excites you? Let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter!