In today's society, we learn early on that we need to do something useful with our lives.

When taking a look at Google, you can find 44.600 search entries for doing something useless.

do something useless

Sounds a lot? Well. There are 10x more search entries for doing something useful.

do something useful

At school, we learn to find areas we enjoy and are good at. But the true thing is, that sometimes it's more helpful to do something which is not the norm.

Something which does not make sense to others.

Something we don't understand.

How I got into marketing & web development

Usually, I'm rather someone who sticks with routines and the norm.

However, I'm also an explorer. I like to try new things. I like to experiment. I like to do stuff just for fun.

About 10 years ago, I created my first website. Just for fun. I was playing around with HTML & CSS. I don't even remember why I was doing that. I was curious about how to create a website. And how a website actually 'works'.

I had no clue what I was doing. There was no specific reason, no goal, no nothing.

Looking back at this first website, I need to smile. It was just nonsense I was doing back then.

But you know what? It got me fascinated for web technologies.

And a couple of months later, I created websites for clients and got paid for it.

And even further into my journey, I graduated from university and landed my first job working on digital projects.

Today I'm 100% sure that my life would be pretty different if this single event of just doing something which looked pretty useless back then.

In one of my latest articles, I wrote about finding your passion, and why "follow your passion" is not a good advice.

Instead, I recommend you to simply go out, start doing something. Or as Mathieu Henri put it in a recent talk I watched.

Go and do something useless.