Welcome to TWENTYsomethings - a website about living the life of a twenty-something.

I started this website as a platform for stories which have no room somewhere else.

By day, I run marketing at B2B SaaS company. I write a lot about web development and design trends on our company blog. In my free time, I also help other small companies and startups with their marketing strategies.

As you probably see, I do write a lot. Since I have so much more interests than tech, I decided to build this site for everything else. TWENTYsomethings features travel stories, gadget articles, fair fashion news, life problems, and everything else people in their 20ies care about.

You can read about my motivation starting this blog here.

If you'd like to contribute (=write) or collaborate to this blog, please get in touch via Email hello[at]thomas-peham[dot]com or say hi on Twitter.

Cheers, Tom